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Dan Howard Aircraft Sales, LLC was started in Tulsa, OK by Dan Howard in 1999.  Dan Howard is an accomplished pilot, currently flying a Gulfstream IV and V internationally.  Mr. Howard's love of aviation, and his business education have given him the staying power in a volatile industry.  Starting with one office and just himself, Mr. Howard has turned Dan Howard Aircraft Sales, LLC into a multimillion dollar company.  Dan Howard Aircraft Sales, LLC has become synonymous with honesty, integrity, and we pride ourselves on our repeat business and word of mouth referrals.  We also provide export assistance, aircraft refurbishment, ferry services, avionics services, and have a list of insurance approved pilots.  We can provide you with the right instructor, whether you need to get current or initial training.  Tulsa, OK is located in an aviation maintenance hub and is home of Spartan School or Aeronautics, as well as other well recognized aviation training facilities. 

We own two large hangar facilities and have access to overflow hangar facilities.  Our base is R.L. Jones, Jr. Airport, also known as Riverside Airport (KRVS), in Tulsa, OK. R.L. Jones, Riverside, is the fifth busiest general aviation airport in the United States.  We can assist you with travel arrangements if traveling to Tulsa International Airport, KTUL, or directly to us in South Tulsa at KRVS.  We have special rates at local hotels, so please let us know if you plan to visit us.  Dan Howard Aircraft Sales, LLC now exceeds sales of over 1,000 aircraft.  Please join us in buying, trading, or selling your aircraft! 

Meet the Staff

Dan Howard

Dan W. Howard - President

Dan W. Howard is an Oklahoma native and has been flying for three decades. He obtained a Bachelor's in Aviation Sciences from Oklahoma State University. He currently holds an ATP certificate, various type ratings, which include Cessna Citations and Gulfstreams. Dan Howard has flown emergency missions for state agencies, commercial airline operations, and flown cargo while previously residing in Alaska. Mr. Howard exceeds 8,000 hours of flight time. He is experienced in nearly all piston single and twin aircraft, tail wheel aircraft, King Airs, Cessna Citations, Gulfstreams, and a plethora of types of aircraft. Dan Howard also owns an aircraft instrument company, Visual Instruments, LLC. Contact Dan Howard via email at [email protected].

Tuomas Martinez

Tuomas Martinez - International Sales Director

Tuomas Martinez is a Texas native, and attended college for aeronautical engineering in Texas. He moved to Tulsa, OK to attend flight training at Spartan School of Aeronautics. Mr. Martinez is fluent in Spanish and English, and holds Commercial, Multi, Instrument ratings. Mr. Martinez has over 2,500 hours in all types of aircraft, including agricultural, single and twin piston, and turboprop aircraft. He provides international sales services, ranging from export to international ferry pilot services. He is also experienced in the field of aircraft maintenance. Contact Tuomas Martinez via email at [email protected].

mike jones 3

Mike Jones - Turbine Sales Director Salt Lake City Office

Mike Jones's career has been vastly successful and has spanned over decades in commercial aviation. He learned to fly under the instruction of his father, Casey Jones, whom was a noted pioneer in General Aviation. 

Upon completion of his Bachelor's degree, Mr. Jones worked within the family businesses, which were comprised of an aircraft charter service, and an agricultural spraying business. He began his successful career in aviation and gained his entrepreneurial spirit, within the family business of sales and maintenance of new Piper and Cessna aircraft.  Mr. Jones made another large contribution to aviation, by implementing the first accredited pilot degree, flight training program, at Treasure Valley Community College.  Since his contributed effort, their program has trained over 600 commercially rated pilots. 






Mr. Jones then went on to complete his MBA, and thereafter, started Turbo Air, Inc. in Boise.  Turbo Air, Inc. was a hub for corporate aviation services.  During his tenure at Turbo Air, Inc., he served as owner, Chief Pilot, and Director of Operations.  He grew Turbo Air, Inc. into a successful charter service, certified FAA repair station,  turbine service center, and management of 20 aircraft.  He sold his interest in Turbo Air, Inc. to assume the position of Chief Pilot for an international Fortune 500 company, based in Salt Lake City.  He also created another organization, Jetshare, which was a regionally based jet membership program.  Mr. Jones currently resides in Salt Lake City, and in 2017, began his latest entrepreneurial endeavor, Aviation Advisors.  He has notably contributed philanthropically to various charitable organizations, such as the Salt Lake Ronald McDonald House.

  Presently, Mr. Jones has combined his talents and efforts with Dan Howard Aircraft Sales, LLC.  He brings 50 years experience in aircraft sales, maintenance, and 20,000 hours flight time to the table.  His successful career, experience, and expertise have made him a trusted partner within Dan Howard Aircraft Sales, LLC.

  Mr. Jones is based in our Salt Lake City, UT office, and may be reached via phone at (941) 928-0028.


Daniel Fernandez - Latin Region Sales

Daniel Fernandez previously worked in our Tulsa, OK sales office for five years. He graduated from Spartan School of Aeronautics, and currently has over 2,000 hours flight time in single and twin engine piston aircraft. Mr. Fernandez currently holds Commercial, Multi, and Instrument ratings. He is currently based in the Los Angeles, CA area, and provides contract sales assistance. He specializes in South American export sales, and is fluent in Spanish and English. Contact Daniel Fernandez via email at dan[email protected].






PH: (918) 296-4326 // F: (781) 623-5386


Dan Howard Aircraft Sales, LLC
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