If interested in selling or trading your aircraft, please complete the aircraft appraisal form and attach any photos or documents pertaining to your aircraft. The more information that we have, the more accurate our appraisal will be. We can offer you a quick one day sale offer. This means we perform a title search, we either come to you to inspect and purchase, or you can bring your aircraft to us. Upon a same day inspection of log books and aircraft, we will pay you for your aircraft. We also provide brokerage services. Our advertising services are free, even if you choose to not use our brokerage services after the 90 day listing period expires. We offer hangar storage, maintenance options, upgrade options, or any other services you might need to sell your aircraft. Turboprop and Turbine rates depend upon the asking price of the aircraft. Our brokerage services are competitive. We have remained a leader in the aviation sales business because we provide excellent service to all of our clients. If you elect to keep your aircraft at your location we can sell your aircraft for you, no matter where it is in the world.

Piston Single Appraisal Form
Piston Twin Appraisal Form


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Dan Howard Aircraft Sales, LLC
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